Ruben Aubrecht

"From a sheet with white, rectangular stickers particular ones are removed. With this gaps it builds a sentence written in the Morse Code Alphabet. Correctly translated it reads CONCEPT ART IS BORING."


specially for Tymek Borowski a


Francis Alÿs

When Faith Moves Mountains, 2002

"On April 11th 2002, 500 voluntiers were called in order to form a line to move a sand dune situated in the surroundings of the city of Lima"

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Night watch, 2004

"Alÿs released a fox, called Bandit, into the deserted gallery at night. Seen from the high viewpoint of the security cameras, the fox looks a little puzzled among all the paintings of the great and the good. Like the guards, the fox is out of context; an intruder, observed dispassionately."

Kim Beck

when laughter trips at the threshold of the divine

"Created in collaboration with Osman Khan, a pair of everyday sliding automatic doors stand in the middle of Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City..."


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"We intended to express this paranoia and we made an installation called A lot of Policeman for so few people…, putting on the cars parked around the Dos de Mayo Square our rudimentary blue police lights made with plastic glasses, blue paper and our flashing lights."
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nie zrozumiesz = you won't understand
kunszt = craft maybe fine art