Marjolijn Dijkman

"Tree exchange, between the The Netherlands and Bialowieza Primeval Forest in Poland"


"'All alone among the stars' is an exchange project between two young oak trees of similar size and age, one from 13HA and one from Bialowieza National Park at the border with Belarus. Besides questioning the authenticity of the two forests it tried to illuminate the complex and impossible relationship between them. In contrast to the Netherlands where all nature is constructed, Bialowieza Primeval Park is a natural primeval forest, the largest in Europe."

Jeroen Jongeleen

Painted House, Wanicastraat 59 Paramaribo Suriname, 2008



Ivars Gravlejs

"The video work "Mobile" is about an individual who like to watch and show porn movies to others. This individual, on the margins of society and who doesn't perceive or understand the current forms of artistic expression, is played by myself.
During visits to exhibitions I tried to convince exhibition visitors that watching porn is much more interesting than wasting time looking at a boring and inexpressive exhibition."



Voina Group

"Best street art of the year. Promesing art scene in Russia…"

"The bystanders can appreciate this street art masterpiece, on Liteiny Bridge in St. Petersburg, only when drawbridge rises up."

"Two fire vehicles were called to remove the masterpiece."

se also

i wczesniejsza ich praca




“riot”, 1999: For the last two months, an anonymous group of young artists have been manipulating company logos on skyscrapers around Frankfurt. First the DG Bank sign was transformed into the legendary Pacman Icon. With the simple addition of a black spot. Next the illuminated type on top of the Marriott Hotel was reduced to a more profane “riot”.”