Nedko Solakov

Art & Life (in my part of the world), 2005



Rafaël Rozendaal

two(3) link to webworks by Rafaël Rozendaal

(first connected with previous posts)




and (new piece from future - 2010)



Jay Chung


Nothing is More Practical than Idealism, 2001

"Jay Chung produced, wrote and directed a short 35 mm film with a crew of 20, but with no film in the camera"

Nam June Paik

zen for film, 1962-64

"a film with no script, no narrative, no sets, no actors, no sound, no camera, no montage - but with screen and projector, and most certainly on film."


Tymek Borowski & Paweł Śliwiński

more at obieg.pl


Jean Baudrillard once said: I must go to the store to buy some
bread. And he did.

This exhibition could not have come to be in any other location.
It could only be amongst these tables, chairs, and all the
other fantastic (in our own opinion) decorations of the Club
Room of the Bielany Cultural Center. We don’t know why exactly,
but it spoke to our senses. We don’t need to know this, it
is not important.

This exhibition is the result of intuitive creation of a good exhibition
of good art. When we prepared this exhibition we didn’t
consider its message, concept, reason or outcome. This exhibition
isn’t about something. It is something.

In one word, we have no idea about what’s going on here.

We created in this place a somewhat physically real arrangement
of chosen objects. A good arrangement of good objects
according to our artistic intuition. If this exhibition is understood
by its viewers on a visual, emotional, intellectual or
whatever kind of level, then this will mean that this is a good
exhibition. The stronger its impact, the better it will be.

Art is not communication, it is not a language. If we want to say
something, we say it. Art is the act of creating real existing objects,
occurrences and systems. They exist in reality, they are
real things like a real, existing stone, tree or sunset. A beautiful
sunset is the result of physical processes in the atmosphere,
has no reason at all in itself. Art is the same. It is the result of
processes working within an artist and his or her surroundings,
but it has no reason, it doesn’t communicate anything.

It just is."



Ivan Puig


(Ala. pamietasz wylana farbe we wro?
byla fajniejsza. biala)

Vincent Ganivet

"adjustable disaster, with its hidden tap, the water damage is posed like a sculptural and sound installation, invitation to contemplation"



Maider Lopez


"Ataskoa was a public announcement, made in the newspapers, over the radio, with flyers, posters, etc. to create a traffic jam in the hills.

On 18th September 2005, 160 cars (approximately 425 people) gathered at Intza, Navarre, on the sides of Mount Aralar. The jam started at 11am. and ended at 15pm."


Casagrande & Rintala

Land(e)scape, 1999

i was 9 o 10 years old when Mariusz showed me this image.

Sami Rintala (also here)
Marco Casagrande (also here)

"Land(e)scape, an architectural installation by Finnish architects Casagrande & Rintala in a former field in Savonlinna. The work is commenting on the desertion process of the Finnish countryside."

Stanley Brouwn

Beyond Leidsche Rijn: Artists’ houses

Stanley Brouwn

i saw this buiding few years ago while searching for another one in utrecht.
(how can i forget about it)


Tomorrow, Now, Forever

"captures live webcam images of the sunrise as the sun is constantly rising somewhere in the world. The images are served with geographic and temporal coordinates indicating one's displacement from the sunrise. (The sun is always rising.)"

Aaron Gemmill and Angie Keefer

Bruce Nauman &

Nauman and Me (and the Mic-in-a-Tree)


Wilhelmer, von Bismarck and Maus


"The project Stimmungsgasometer is about a smiley on a huge screen from which one can read the average mood of the Berlin citizens."

A project by Richard Wilhelmer, Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus


Beatifull Steps #2



"In 2007, I ran the Boston evacuation route system to try to measure our fear in post-9/11 public spaces. This is the audio archive/sculptural piece that I created from this series of runs. There are 26 jars corresponding to 26 runs. Each jar size corresponds to the number of breaths from that run."


Catherine D’Ignazio


Callum Morton

gallery roslynoxley9

elegant kitschkitsch

Sai Hua Kuan

Space Drawing'

Sai Hua Kuan draws a black line through white rooms,
in a rapid way.




Felice Varini

“Cercle et suite d’éclats”


kojarzy mi sie z praca/koncepcja zbigniewa gostomskiego

" W 1970 roku na Sympozjum Wrocław '70 powstało Zaczyna się we Wrocławiu - praca uznana przez krytyków i historyków sztuki za jedną z najważniejszych wypowiedzi w polskiej sztuce konceptualnej. Gostomski zaproponował, by w regularnych odstępach umieszczać - najpierw w przestrzeni miasta, potem na kuli ziemskiej - dwie, powtarzające się formy oznaczone symbolami "o" i "/". Rzeczywisty kształt tych form, opisanych przez artystę jedynie pojęciowo, nie miał znaczenia."


Hayley Newman

A Secret Sculpture : Rochford, Essex, January 2007 - February 2007.

The Secret Sculpture was designed by one community group, before being thrown into the reservoir, left for a few weeks, retrieved by divers and then put back together (?) again by another group.




Ken Ehrlich

Elna Bakker Memorial Windmill

"A windmill that functioned as a temporary sculpture, a memorial to Elna Bakker, and a small power generating- station capable of providing visitors to the park a place to plug in any electrical device or appliance that ran on 110 volts."



Marijke Appelman

Here is what you need

DVD, duration 195 minutes of black screen. The average number of minutes television watched per day in the Netherlands in 2005.


thanks for postcard


Ruben Aubrecht

"From a sheet with white, rectangular stickers particular ones are removed. With this gaps it builds a sentence written in the Morse Code Alphabet. Correctly translated it reads CONCEPT ART IS BORING."


specially for Tymek Borowski a


Francis Alÿs

When Faith Moves Mountains, 2002

"On April 11th 2002, 500 voluntiers were called in order to form a line to move a sand dune situated in the surroundings of the city of Lima"

wideo <-------------------- <-------------------- <--------------------

na postmedia



Night watch, 2004

"Alÿs released a fox, called Bandit, into the deserted gallery at night. Seen from the high viewpoint of the security cameras, the fox looks a little puzzled among all the paintings of the great and the good. Like the guards, the fox is out of context; an intruder, observed dispassionately."

Kim Beck

when laughter trips at the threshold of the divine

"Created in collaboration with Osman Khan, a pair of everyday sliding automatic doors stand in the middle of Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City..."


portfolio na rhizome



"We intended to express this paranoia and we made an installation called A lot of Policeman for so few people…, putting on the cars parked around the Dos de Mayo Square our rudimentary blue police lights made with plastic glasses, blue paper and our flashing lights."
from here


nie zrozumiesz = you won't understand
kunszt = craft maybe fine art


Ashok Sukumaran

Ashok Sukumaran, some recent work


"My recent work deals with the intersection of human habitat and technologies being ‘embedded’ within it. These are concerns about how technologies sit on the ground, what patterns they establish, and how we may move between them. The technologies themselves may range from electricity to imaging technologies or wirelessness, for example. I am interested in how we collectively 'see' them, and negotiate the property boundaries, systems administrators, and thresholds of understanding inscribed within."

Simone Decker

Simone Decker

Nikolaj Recke

Nikolaj Recke


Olivier Bardin

Olivier Bardin

"The work of French artist Olivier Bardin examines the ways in which identity is constructed through perception, representation, and self-image. The starting point for Bardin's work is the audience itself. He likens his work to a mirror which sets up a 'confrontation' in which the individual is positioned as both observed and observer."


Pawel Althamer and others

Pawel Althamer and others

mocno lamie zasade tego bloga piszac wiecej niz link; piszac o czyms co dzieje sie teraz i nie jest informacja o artyscie znaleziona kilka tygodni/miesiecy temu.

czekalem kilka dni zeby znalezc wiecej polskich informacji-reklam.
po prostu brakowalo mi reakcji na prace Althamera (nie pierwszy raz juz zapraszjacego innych - przeczytaj np o jego akcja na brodnie lub w centrum pompidou) i innych

zeby blog sie nie obrazil

"W pawilonie wiedeńskiej Secesji można od 25 kwietnia 2009 oglądać happening-performance, którego twórcą Paweł Althamer. Performance zaaranżowano w całym budynku, który poprzez ogólnie dostępny i non stop otwarty tunel połączono z ogrodem. Tutaj artysta używając prostych środków stworzył publiczne miejsce komunikacji.
Centrum spotkań i rozmów stanowi wieczorne ognisko, dla Althamera symbol i praforma okrągłego stołu. Do dialogu celowo zaproszono znanych gości, ale w zasadzie każdy powinien czuć się zaproszony do udziału. Artyście chodzi bowiem o wzajemną rozmowę, wymianę doświadczeń, spotkanie czyli o szeroko rozumiany kontakt międzyludzki.
Prezentacja Althamera w Pawilonie Secesji (Secession) to również nowatorskie podejście do sztuki, która do tej pory była izolowana w okazałych budowlach. Odbiorca sztuki Althamera znajdzie się w naturalnym otoczeniu, gdzie może liczyć na nieprzewidziane i niezaplanowane przeżycia."
cytat z culture

wiecej na stronie Secesji

i ogolnie to mega sie jaram tym sposobem (jescze zobaczcie co kiedys Althamer zrobil w galerii foksal - podobny sposob operowania przestrzenia)

i super ze wlasnie ognisko (sam mysle nad jednym od troche juz czasu i o tym jak mialoby byc ono podtrzymywane. a tu Althamer zbija mnie z tropu realizujac akcje tak bardzo mieszajaca sie z rzeczywistoscia.)

i mega sie ciesze i szit no nie wierze. czyli megainspiracja





"is a collective of two internet artists: Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans. Their background is in photography and video art; since the mid-1990s they started to create original artworks for the World Wide Web. A few years later, they also turned to software art and artistic computer game modification. Since 2002, they have been in what has been called their "Screen Grab" period, making video works by recording the computer monitor's output while working, playing video games, or coding."



"His work consists in the playful reappropiation of urban elements, that he replicates or transforms and then installs in the street."

Ed Panar

Ed Panar

dawno nie bylo *fotografii


Ingrid Hora

reaching out
"I made it for my neighbor, who was constantly watching me. I don’t think he was a perverted man, he was just lonely. So I stared to build this long white bridge filled with air towards him. But it never reached him. The wind blew it away."

Ingrid Hora

bardzo lubie

Darri Lorenzen

Darri Lorenzen

Daniel Eatock

Daniel Eatock

Begin with ideas
Embrace chance
Make something difficult look easy
Trust the process
Allow concepts to determine form
Propose honesty as a solution
(wybrane z)


Kotama Bouabane




Agnieszka Kurant

w czwartek bylem (nie sam) na wykladzie Agnieszki Kurant.
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Ruth Sacks

Ruth Sacks

z designboom


Julianne Swartz

Julianne Swartz

a jak juz widzimy taka prace jak Link/Line

to kojarzymy ja z Zone

bardzo milego pana Marka Wallinger'a

Jason Kahn

Brocki. ogladaj
Jason Kahn