Miks Mitrevics


"I spent several months living at a residence in Innsbruck at the root of the mountain there. One day, using my small camera and a stand, I started to film short videos wherein I documented how I was ascending the mountain. It was possible to shoot only 4-minute videos at once. Here, the idea for the structure of the work was born. –Every new day I would come back where I left yesterday and continue to document my gradual way upwards. This went on as I ascended the ever-steeper mountain path. I also became painfully aware of my personal limits when compared to the grandeur of the mountain.

After more than a month of regular rising, in defiance of myself and in spite of the mountain, this path was the vehicle whereby I reached the top of the mountain. From the top of the mountain the sight of the valley bellow greets one. Rather typical landscape at that, seen on the postcards so very often. However, after a month this particular sight had acquired a new, very personal meaning to me.

Surprisingly, it turned out that it is possibly to reach this mountaintop with a lift, just in ten minutes."



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